When you are having your wedding, there will be multitude of special moments you will want to have captured on film. It is important that you have a checklist of these moments and identify people to capture them. The fact is that in many cases the wedding photographers work starts at the venue of the wedding ceremony. They often need time to set up here early on. Unless you pay for a second San Francisco Wedding Photographer, it is a simple matter to have a family member or friend with a good camera and some photography skill take pictures, before the ceremony. For instance it would be great to capture the moments as the grooms men and bride maids dress up, the moment before the bride’s veil is dropped over her head, when her parents see her in her gown for the first time and groom being hugged by his parents before setting out for the ceremony.


Most of the vital images at the ceremony, from the arrival of the groom and bride will likely be captured by the official photographer. After the ceremony is over, there will also be a lengthy period of taking official pictures in various combinations such as the bride with her maids, the newly wedded couple with parents and groom with groomsmen. Towards the end of the ceremony you may also want to have close-ups of the getaway vehicle and pictures of the couple in private as they change to leave for their honeymoon. Some of these pictures may be best allocated to close friends and family members to take and add to the pool of wedding pictures later. To ensure your photographer captures every image you want during the ceremony and reception, you can prepare a checklist. There are already many comprehensive lists of wedding pictures to be taken you can even find online.


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